Lorena Valdivieso
Social and Health Coordinator

Lorena is part of Metrofraternidad since 2014, where she has fulfilled various administrative and social management roles.

Currently she is our Social and Health Coordinator. Her function is to maintain a close relationship and contact with every patient and its family. She accompanies them throughout the entire process since they enter our Foundation; from attending their first phone calls, having face-to-face meetings, scheduling medical appointments, submitting socioeconomic evaluations, budgeting and planning surgeries, organizing Medical Committees to evaluate each case, up to giving post-surgical follow ups.

What I like most about working at the Foundation is being able to provide help in the health area to the most needy and vulnerable people from all corners of the country. My work makes a difference since I put passion into what I do. That's why my patient's care is personalized, based on humane treatment, dignity and full awareness that people's health is at stake.