The foundation focuses mainly on low-income children and young people, who are between 0 and 19 years of age and who require highly complex surgeries. We operate patients whose pathology is within 4 medical specialties: Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Traumatology and Pediatric Neurosurgery. If you want more information about a specific case, you can call us at (+593) 2 399-8100 – Ext. 2241 or cell phone (+593) 992748567.
  • Be of the established age (0-19 years)
  • Suffering from a pathology that requires surgery within the 4 medical specialties mentioned in the previous question.
  • Not having private insurance
  • In case of applying to all of the above, a face-to-face interview should be carried out at the Foundation, to determine the socio-economic level of the family and the patient.
  • You can contact us by calling (+593) 2 399-8100 – Ext. 2241 or cell phone (+593) 992 748 567. You can also write to us at metrofraternidad@hmetro.med.ec with the patient’s case and their data, so that we can contact you in case qualify as a Foundation patient.

Our offices and medical / surgical care are carried out in the city of Quito, in the Medical Towers III and Hospital Metropolitano (located on San Gabriel S / N and Nicolás Arteta streets). However, we receive and serve pediatric patients from any corner of Ecuador. If you are out of the city and require support to get around and / or stay, you can contact us through the channels mentioned in the previous question.

If you want to know more about the health programs that the foundation is currently running, you can go to the “Health Programs”.