95 children operated with complex pathologies in 2021

95 children operated with complex pathologies in 2021

Quito, October 2021 – When the pandemic shook our country’s health system, Hospital Metropolitano had to separate its Day Hospital to turn it into a COVID19 care wing. This included transforming each of their operating rooms into Intensive Care Units, which caused that the availability of the rest was reduced almost by half.

Despite this, the commitment of the CONCLINA Group (Humana, Metrored, Hospital Metropolitano and Fundación Metrofraternidad) was greater. The Anesthesiology and Operating Room area, as well as the volunteer doctors contributed that. To date, 95 specialty surgeries have been carried out on children that suffered from highly complex pathologies. For this, the volunteer doctors adapted their busy schedules to operate on weekends or even afternoons and nights, with the aim of saving or considerably improving the quality of life of poor people who require these critical surgeries.

The management of our Foundation includes supporting the patient and his family throughout the care process. From collecting socio-economic data, conducting medical examinations, scheduling medical appointments with the specialist treating physician, to surgical care. Once the patient is discharged, Hospital Metropolitano’ s Nursing staff monitors and follows up on the health status of each patient, to ensure that an open communication channel is established and above all, to allow clear up any questions or queries you may have from home.

Since 2021, the Metrofraternidad program “Salva una Vida, Siembra Esperanza” has focused on treating patients between 0 and 19 years old, who suffer from a complex pathology and who require surgery that falls within its 4 medical specialties: cardiology, traumatology , neurosurgery and pediatric surgery.