102 children and adolescents operated due to an alliance between Fundación Telefónica and Metrofraternidad

102 children and adolescents operated due to an alliance between Fundación Telefónica and Metrofraternidad

Quito, September 2021 – When an earthquake shook the Ecuadorian coasts in 2016, Fundación Telefónica Movistar Ecuador and Fundación Metrofraternidad launched an agreement that guaranteed access to quality and specialty health care for children and adolescents from various rural areas. Through various medical brigades, the existence of complex pathologies that put the lives of these minors at risk and that, in addition, in most cases, were hindering their personal and academic development was detected.

Therefore, as of 2017, patients who required specialized and complex surgery were treated under the highest standards of quality, warmth, and efficiency in the facilities of the Hospital Metropolitano, with the invaluable support of its volunteer medical staff.

After five years of collaboration and joint work, more than 300 low-income children and adolescents accessed free and quality care in different medical specialties.

In turn, 102 boys and girls were operated on for various pathologies. 35% of the patients were operated on at the Comprehensive Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic, a Metrofraternidad program that operates under the highest international standards and protocols. There they received medical and surgical care from about 9 specialists simultaneously, in order to guarantee an adequate recovery. On the other hand, 32% of them suffered from severe ophthalmological diseases, which were leading to eventual blindness or visual impairment that prevented them from developing properly, both personally and academically. The other pediatric patients were operated on in different specialties, such as pediatric dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, cardiology, neurology, and traumatology. 

“Strategic alliances within civil society are one of the critical pillars to achieve greater social development in Ecuador,” says Juan Martín Muller, General Administrator of Fundación Metrofraternidad. “This agreement took the best of two foundations, whose experience in health and education allowed to save or considerably improve the quality of life of hundreds of children and adolescents located in highly vulnerable areas.”

“Thanks to the alliance with Metrofraternidad, we have radically changed the lives of these minors who suffered from cleft lip and palate. Not only because of the functionality that these types of operations provide, but also because of the notable increase in their self-esteem and the ability to communicate and interact with other people ”, concludes Javier Alvarado, Executive Director of Fundación Telefónica Movistar Ecuador.

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Juan Martín Muller – General Administrator – Metrofraternidad Foundation.

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Alejandra Marin – Knowledge, Digital Culture and Communication Coordinator – Fundación Telefónica Ecuador

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